Champion - Ryan Gurcze

Motivator • Model

From: Elyria, OH
Nominated by: Bob Formoso, of Clarity Hear Hearing Centers in Medina, OH

Discovering Hearing Loss

Ryan's journey with hearing loss began when he was born.

"He never passed the newborn hearing screening," said his mother, Michele.

After consulting with an audiologist, Ryan's parents decided to get their son hearing devices as soon as possible so he could have every chance to experience a full life.

A Model Student

It didn't take Ryan long to appreciate how his hearing devices help him at home, at school and everywhere in between.

"He is a straight A student," said Michele. "He can follow directions better (and) can play with other kids because he can hear what they are saying…he even tried out for a movie role and got picked to be a model. His speech is so clear that no one realizes he has a hearing loss."

Encouraging Others

Ryan calls his hearing devices his helpers.

"He loves to tell people about his helpers and how he needs them to help him understand people better," said Michele.

Ryan also encourages others with hearing loss to get their own helpers so they can have a better chance to hear well—even family members.

"He tells his grammy to get her helpers so she can hear him better on the phone."

Why Ryan is a HearStrong Champion

Because of Ryan's willingness to help others with hearing loss and his positive outlook on what he can accomplish with the help of his hearing devices, Ryan is a HearStrong Champion


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