Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward

HearStrong began with the focus of raising awareness for the importance of hearing health by sharing the stories and experiences of our Champions. But our foundation knew that was just the beginning, and much more could be achieved. To thank them for all they do, we wanted to provide our Champions with the opportunity to make an even greater impact in their communities.

Many individuals who require hearing devices aren’t able to purchase them due to several barriers, one being the lack of insurance coverage. HearStrong strongly believes that anyone who needs hearing devices should have equal access to them. This belief led to the creation of the Pay it Forward program in 2017. Through this program, Champions can select one individual in their community to receive hearing healthcare services and a free set of hearing aids. Since everybody’s hearing type and degree is unique, HearStrong ensures that all Pay it Forward recipients receive suitable hearing aids for their specific needs from the industry’s top manufacturers without restrictions. HearStrong will connect the recipients with licensed audiologists or hearing instrument specialists in their preferred location. The participating practice will conduct a hearing evaluation, recommend compatible hearing aids, fit the patient, and provide one follow-up appointment at no charge to the patient. HearStrong will help guide the recipient throughout the entire process and coordinate communication with the provider, guaranteeing a positive experience for all involved.

How this program works:

  1. HearStrong will match the recipient with an approved local provider (licensed audiologist/hearing instrument specialist) to schedule an appointment for a complete hearing evaluation and diagnosis.
  2. The provider will send an audiogram outlining the test results, diagnosis, and device recommendations from approved manufacturers to HearStrong.
  3. HearStrong will contact the manufacturer to request recommended devices to be shipped directly to the provider.
  4. The provider will contact the recipient and HearStrong to schedule fitting and one follow-up appointment.


HearStrong Champions can Pay it Forward by completing the “Champion” form below.

Note: In order for the process to move forward, the nominee or parent/guardian must complete a questionnaire about their hearing loss journey.

Check out some of the individuals we have helped so far!

Margaret and Teddy Hunt

David Bohrman

Gordon Dibble

Not a Champion, but know of someone in need?

If a Champion wants to participate in this program but doesn’t know of a qualifying recipient, HearStrong can provide individuals who qualify. HearStrong will keep a record of worthy applicants along with their background information and details of their history of hearing loss. HearStrong will provide Champions with the applicants’ stories, and they will choose whom to pay it forward to. If you would like to nominate someone to be considered as a Pay it Forward recipient, nominate them through the “Not a Champion” form.

Note: Nominee or parent/guardian must complete an application to be considered a candidate.

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