Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward

The HearStrong Pay it Forward program was built in good faith to offer hearing aids to deserving individuals. With more than 38 million Americans living with untreated hearing loss, HearStrong believes it is important to create opportunities for more individuals to receive the devices they need. HearStrong Champions and hearing professionals are essential in turning these obstacles into opportunities. Approved recipients cannot start the process of receiving aids until they are connected with audiologists in their area. We are seeking audiologists and clinics to help us help others to hear better.

How it works: HearStrong Champions have taken on the responsibility of empowering and inspiring others with hearing loss to take action and seek solutions. Pay It Forward allows Champions to further their roles by helping these individuals gain access to hearing devices. Through the program, Champions can gift one set of hearing aids to a deserving individual of their choosing without restrictions.

Are you a hearing professional? Get involved!

Due to the low income status of our participants, we would love to have audiologists and clinics offer their services pro bono. However, we understand those we are asking to participate still have a business to run, and it needs to be profitable. We simply ask that those interested consider one to two pro bono patients a year.

All work is tax deductible.

Your practice will appear in release that will be sent out to press in your area to create interest and reinforce your credibility in your community.

HearStrong would like to thank the audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, and practices that have given their time and expertise to helping us launch the Pay it Forward program. Through their support, we have created a trusted network of professionals united in the mission to bring better hearing to those in need.

We look forward to furthering the cause and working with passionate individuals who share our vision. To learn more about how to get involved in the Pay it Forward program, please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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How it Works

  1. HearStrong will provide you with the patient’s information, and assist with scheduling an office visit and evaluation
  2. You will perform a patient evaluation. Once the evaluation is complete, you will send the patient’s audiogram and a primary and secondary recommendation for devices (from approved manufacturers) to HearStrong
  3. HearStrong will send the request to the manufacturer and upon approval, arrange shipping
  4. The manufacturer will ship the hearing aids directly to you
  5. Hearing aids will be provided with the manufacturer’s standard warranty
  6. Upon receipt of the devices, you will arrange a fitting with the patient, including follow-up visits as needed and agreed upon
  7. You must sign the HearStrong HIPAA business associates agreement
  8. You will obtain a model release form and photo from the patient and send to HearStrong for a press release
  9. You will provide HearStrong with your practice information to be included in the press release. The HearStrong staff will prepare the press release and get patient’s approval prior to distributing it to the local media