Lauren Harris

Lauren Harris HearStrong Champion

Lauren Harris

Audiology Doctorate Student • Blogger

I believe that it is important for individuals to learn more and pursue amplification because it is another tool that can help them be successful in this world today.”

Discovering Hearing Loss

Lauren was born profoundly deaf, but at that time she was born newborn screenings were not required. While she and her mother were waiting in the hallway about to be discharged from the hospital, a small group of audiology doctoral students were learning how to conduct ABRs on newborns. The professor randomly selected Lauren to use as the example to demonstrate to the students. Lauren failed the test in both ears. Her parents were referred to an audiologist where her diagnosis of bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss was confirmed. She was fit with hearing aids on a six month trial basis. When no improvement was made during the trial, Lauren received a cochlear implant.

Importance of Hearing Better

Lauren’s cochlear implant allows her to hear and connect to the world around her. She is grateful she is able to hear her husband’s voice and the stories of her patients as an audiology doctorate student. Hearing with her cochlear implant has strengthened her relationships and enabled to her to pursue her dream of becoming an audiologist. Her hearing device has allowed her to connect to her patients on a deeper level. Through the hearing loss community, she has been able to meet and connect with so many other people around the nation who are experiencing similar struggles and feelings of anxiety.

“My cochlear implants have been such a key piece in my success academically, athletically, and so much more. They have given me access to music, sounds of nature, communication, and the ability to listen to other’s hearing devices.”

Why Lauren is HearStrong Champion

Lauren is a HearStrong Champion because she is dedicated to helping others through their hearing loss journey. While pursuing her Doctorate of Audiology, she felt she needed to do more. She started a mini blog called Hearing Lauren, where she is able to confidently speak about her own hearing loss and share her story. Through her platform, she strives to change the negative perspective of hearing loss into a positive one. By sharing the story of how she learned to love her own hearing loss, she hopes to inspire others to take pride in their own.

Lauren is passionate about changing the perspective the world has on hearing loss. She is able to express that passion not only in her career, but through writing for her blog, public speaking at HLAA events, being a mentor for students at Deaf A.G. Bell Association, and through published articles in the ASHA leader and Parade magazine. Lauren is a true inspiration and an incredible role model for her patients to look up to. Lauren continues to prove every person wrong that told her she would never be able to become an audiologist. She is proof that children with hearing loss can grow up to be successful and can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

“Hearing Lauren really has paved a way to reach out and connect with others and show them that their hearing loss is not something to be seen as a negative and that it truly is a gift and can be seen in such a positive light!”

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