Hearing Professionals

“HearStrong is one of the most amazing organizations I have partnered with. I am so happy I was able to participate in the Pay it Forward program. I look forward to working with HearStrong in the future to help spread the word about hearing loss, technology, and helping others become HearStrong Champions.” – Christine Russo-Mayer, Au.D. at CRM Audiology, PC

HearStrong works with audiologists and hearing aid specialists nationwide to ensure patients receive the best care, free of charge.

What it means to be a Provider in HearStrong’s Preferred Network:

When you sign up to be in HearStrong’s Preferred Network, you will become a crucial part of our Pay it Forward program. Through this program, qualifying individuals receive hearing devices and hearing healthcare services at no charge to them. These individuals are carefully chosen by HearStrong and would not otherwise have access to these services for various reasons. Whenever we receive a nomination for a recipient in your area, we will reach out to you directly about the opportunity. We ask the participating practice to conduct a hearing evaluation, recommend compatible hearing aids, fit the patient, and provide one follow-up appointment at no charge.

Provider’s role:

  1. HearStrong provides you with the patient’s information and assists with scheduling an initial office visit for a complete hearing evaluation.
  2. Once the evaluation is complete, you send HearStrong the patient’s audiogram specifying a primary and secondary recommendation for devices from approved manufacturers.
  3. HearStrong sends the request to the manufacturer and, upon approval, arranges shipping directly to your office.
  4. Upon receipt of the devices, you contact the patient to schedule an appointment for their fitting.
  5. You complete a questionnaire that HearStrong staff uses to prepare a press release.

Provider Benefits:

  • The ability to nominate and personally fit one individual to receive free hearing aids through the Pay it Forward program
  • Your practice highlighted in a press release following patient’s fitting
  • Your practice highlighted on HearStrong’s social media after patient’s fitting
  • Your practice’s details, including name, location, and website link listed on HearStrong’s website
  • Official HearStrong Foundation t-shirt for provider and staff members
  • All work is tax-deductible
  • Reinforce your credibility in your community
  • Satisfaction of helping an individual get the hearing care they need

HearStrong is extremely grateful for the audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, and practices that have given their time and expertise to make the Pay it Forward program happen. Through their support, we have created a trusted network of professionals united in the mission to bring better hearing to those in need. We look forward to furthering the cause and working with passionate individuals who share our vision. We are always looking for audiologists and clinics to sign up to offer their services pro bono.

To get involved in the Pay it Forward program, please fill out the following form.

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