HearStrong Champions

HearStrong champions serve as a role model to empower the 80% of people with hearing loss who have yet to seek assistance and motivate them to take control of their hearing health. Find out more about each of their inspirational stories!

Lisa Steinfeld - HearStrong Champion

Journalist • Activist
Born deaf, Lisa enlisted the help of hearing technology to experience her world as fully as possible.
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Cathy Kooser - HearStrong Champion

Social Worker • Innovator
Creator of The Kooser Program, Cathy loves helping others to better understand their hearing.
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Blue O'Connell - HearStrong Champion

Musician • Motivator
Blue's passion for music has encouraged her to confront her hearing loss head-on.
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Ryan Gurcze - HearStrong Champion

Motivator • Model
With the help of his hearing devices, Ryan won't let anything slow him down.
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Joshua McGriff - HearStrong Champion

Deaflympian • Dream Chaser
With a bright outlook about his hearing loss, Joshua chooses to excel in his life.
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Shanna Groves - HearStrong Champion

Blogger • Author
Known as "The Lip Reading Mom," Shanna Groves inspires others with hearing loss every day.
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Marc Brennan, Au.D. - HearStrong Champion

Family Man • Audiologist
Born with hearing loss, Marc quickly accepted how valuable his hearing devices were to his life.
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Kaylee Bosetti - HearStrong Champion

Motivator • Dreamer
This young lady won't let anything keep her down or hold her back from her goals.
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Nancy Chovancek - HearStrong Champion

Entrepreneur • Author
Nancy refuses to let Meniere's disease keep her from achieving professional and personal success.
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D.J. Demers - HearStrong Champion

Comedian • Advocate
Through his stand-up comedy, D.J. is spreading hearing loss awareness to audiences around the world.
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Jerome C. Evans, Au.D. - HearStrong Champion

Audiologist • Advocate
Discovering his passion led Jerome to face his own hearing loss.
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Sanford Freed - HearStrong Champion

Musician • Entrepreneur
Sanford's hearing devices allow him to live his life on his terms.
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Mat Gilbert - HearStrong Champion

Professional Rugby Player • Mentor
The only deaf rugby player in the U.K., Mat is determined to be the best player on the pitch.
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Steve Grogan - HearStrong Champion

AFC Championship Quarterback • 16 Year NFL Veteran
16-year NFL veteran Steve Grogan knows what it takes to make it in the NFL, but tackling his hearing loss was a new challenge that Steve readily accepted.
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John Hayes - HearStrong Champion

Focused • Passionate
With his hearing devices, John is able to fully engage in his daily life.
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Steve Martell - HearStrong Champion

Survivor • Counselor
After a shocking accident left him with hearing loss, Steve rallied to regain his life.
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Rev. Johnnie Mathis - HearStrong Champion

Communicator • Believer
With the help of his faith and the support of his family, Johnnie has conquered hearing loss and cancer.
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Richard Maseda - HearStrong Champion

Motivator • Leader
Richard's hearing devices have given him the confidence he needs to thrive personally and professionally.
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Eliza Peters - HearStrong Champion

Fundraiser • Athlete
Helped raise thousands of dollars to help young women with hearing loss.
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Bradley Peterson - HearStrong Champion

Survivor • Athlete
Overcame being bullied to reach his goals as a student athlete.
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Karen Putz - HearStrong Champion

Blogger • Water Skier
After choosing to accept her hearing loss, Karen's life changed for the better.
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Paul Szemborski Jr. - HearStrong Champion

Athlete • Student
Hearing better is helping Paul succeed on and off the field.
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Colleen Van Rooy - HearStrong Champion

Super Mom • Active Volunteer
This mother of four is dedicated to showing her children, and her community, what it means to overcome adversity.
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Calen Wright - HearStrong Champion

Mentor • Scholar
Calen is a shining example of perseverance in her community.
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