Champion - Mitchell Dolinar

Baseball Player • Humanitarian

From: Las Vegas, Nevada

Early Intervention

When Mitchell (Mitch) was born in 1999, he was one of the first children in the State of Wyoming to be identified with a hearing impairment through early newborn screening. After much discussion with his audiologist, his parents decided that early intervention was extremely important, and Mitch was fit with his first pair of loaner hearing aids at just five weeks old.

At the time, insurance did not cover hearing aids for children. His mother, Heidi, recalls, "I petitioned and appealed until Mitch's first set was approved. They actually changed the policy after that and added hearing devices for all children under the age of 18."

Great Inspiration

Now a high school senior, Mitch has succeeded academically and socially. He is involved in student leadership, is a four year letterman in three sports, and participates in humanitarian endeavors. He has traveled to Guatemala to help install water purification systems in homes, and will travel to Peru in summer 2018. Mitch was also elected Student Body President of his high school.

"I knew that by being elected to this office, he had succeeded in achieving the art of leadership," says Hiedi. "I am convinced that with the benefit of hearing technology, Mitch has been able to achieve his full potential."

Through it all, Mitch has had a great role model to look up to.

"The individual that inspires me the most, after my faith and my family, is Derrick Coleman," says Mitch. "He was the first deaf offensive player in the NFL. He motivates me because I know how hard it is to overcome hearing loss on the playing field, and he did it. He is an elite player and he never let the inability to hear stop him…. I have grown up watching him succeed and he inspires me to believe I can do the same."

Why Mitch is a HearStrong Champion

Mitch is a HearStrong Champion because he strives to help others see the importance of hearing technology and hearing loss awareness.

"I am hoping to major in education and become a college coach someday," says Mitch. "As a HearStrong Champion I can start educating my community about hearing loss now. I believe so strongly that early intervention and hearing aids gave me the tools for my current and future success, and I want to help others obtain success as well."

Mitchell is a mentor to young students and is currently raising money for children in Africa to have access to sports equipment.

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