Champion - Jennifer Gibson

Author • Designer

From: Warkworth, Ontario, Canada

Early Confidence

“I was born with a severe-to-profound hearing loss due to congenital Rubella in 1970,” said Jennifer.

At her parents’ encouragement, Jennifer quickly adopted hearing device technology and developed an appreciation for the value it brings to her life.

“I’ve discovered there is no shame in wearing hearing aids and, in fact, my hearing aids are decorated with glittering crystals and I wear bright pink and white swirled ear molds. Virtually everyone that meets me is quick to exclaim, ‘I love your hearing aids!’”

Boldly Changing Minds

Jennifer is proud to not only show off her hearing devices, but take the time to discuss them with others and help them understand the reality of hearing loss.

“Being bold has opened many doors and because I embrace my hearing aids, it has made it a more welcoming and enlightening experience for others who want to learn more about being (hard-of-hearing). I’ve had many people approach me and ask all sorts of curious questions about hearing loss and they often request where they can get a pair of hearing aids and ear molds just like mine. They’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how old you are, anyone can have a hearing loss, and it’s just a matter of accepting it and moving forward in life.”

Acclaimed Author

“My trilogy series for young adults featuring a (hard-of-hearing) teen has received world-wide recognition. I wanted to show the world what it was like living with a hearing loss and, at the same time, provide hope and inspiration for others going through the same experience…the feedback I’ve received from readers of all ages has been extremely positive. (The books) have proven to have made a difference in (people’s) perceptions about hearing loss and allowed the readers to fall in love with a sweet and endearing character who is simply striving to do the best she can under difficult circumstances—just like me.”

Why Jennifer is a HearStrong Champion

In addition to her writing, Jennifer also lends her talents to graphic design, photography, and illustration. Jennifer is also involved in martial arts, holding two black belts, as well as fencing and ice hockey.

In 2010, Jennifer became the first Canadian to receive an Oticon Focus on People Award.

Her series of books, Sway, Compass, and Destiny—all of which focus on Jessie, a strong young woman overcoming hearing loss and other challenges—have received critical acclaim:

  • Sway (2012):
    • received a Literary Classics Seal of Approval
    • won silver in the 2014 Literary Classics Book Awards
    • received an Honorable Mention for the Stargazer Literary Prizes, in the young adult category
    • received a 5-star review from Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews
  • Compass (2013):
    • named a Stargazer Literary Prizes finalist and award winner for the young adult category
    • received a Literary Classics Seal of Approval
  • Destiny (2013):
    • winner of the Indie Book of the Day Award
    • received a 5-star review from Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews

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