Champion - Ethan & Slayden Sable

Brothers • Advocates

From: Phoenix, AZ

Nominated by: Tabatha Parent Buck, Au.D. of A.T. Stills University

Succeeding in Life:

Ethan & Slayden Sable experienced hearing loss at birth, but it hasn’t stopped them from participating in life. They are both involved in Friendship Circle, which is a Jewish group that provides assistance and support to families of children who have special needs. Their mom Lisa sought to find them the best hearing healthcare services possible. She works as a trauma nurse and provides for her boys daily.

Ethan and Slayden say, “Our mom is our biggest role model because she cares for us, offers support, and loves us. She also shows us how to be independent, hard workers, and how to be responsible.”

Hearing Better

With help from their hearing devices, Ethan and Slayden have become more outgoing and more secure talking and interacting with all types of people. “Hearing better has allowed us to hear music, people, and my teachers.”

Ethan states, “We knew early amplification would give us early success with our spoken language.” At age 9, Ethan has said his professional life has already taken a positive step, “allowing him to receive special services in the classroom to ensure success now and in the future.”

Their Advice

“I would tell them to be brave. I would encourage children, and I would make them feel good,” stated Slayden Sable. “I would also tell them to be hard workers.”

Ethan states that seeking assistance with your hearing loss, “will not only change your life, but help you succeed in your hearing world.”

Why Ethan & Slayden are HearStrong Champions

“It would feel very special, and it would be good to inspire kids and even adults.” Ethan and Slayden are so excited to share their story on and want to inspire others to take action with their hearing loss.



Gabe Martin with HearStrong Champions Ethan and Slayden

HearStrong Ambassador Gabe Martin presents Ethan and Slayden with their HearStrong Champion awards at AudiologyNOW.


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