Champion - Ella West

Advocate • Big Sister

From: Acworth, GA

Seeking Early Intervention

Ella’s hearing loss was discovered when she was born, and her parents decided to have her fit with hearing aids as soon as possible.

“We wanted Ella to have the most fulfilling and complete life,” says her mom, Madison. “She was tested at birth, completed an ABR at seven weeks, and received aids at nine weeks.”

When Ella was first fit with hearing aids, she turned her head to the sound of her mom and dad’s voices. Today, she loves hearing music and listening to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS.

“The moment Ella was wearing aids, her world came to life! She began smiling, laughing, and turning to sound. At 18 months, she began letting us know when the battery was out. She loves them!”

Life for Ella

Today, Ella is a strong, independent and feisty two year old. She attends pre-school, and takes swim and dance lessons. Her favorite subject in school is music.

“I love singing and dancing!” says Ella.

“Her hearing aids help her participate in music class and all other aspects of school fully,” says Madison. “She has a very small class and no additional assistive devices are used at this time.”

Ella’s biggest role model is her dad. As a veteran, he has preserved despite physical injuries. Ella has his great example to follow and she gets to spend a lot of time with him.

Why Ella is a HearStrong Champion

Ella is already an important advocate for those with hearing loss. When other kids ask about her hearing aids, she and her parents tell them that they are similar to glasses, but instead of helping her see better, they help her hear better.

HearStrong is proud to have young Champions like Ella, and we are excited to see where her passions will take her!

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