Champion - Ella Roerden

Student • Aspiring Artist

From: Syracuse, New York

Experiencing Hearing Loss

At birth, it was discovered that Ella had an 80% hearing loss in her left ear and a 20% hearing loss in her right ear. Since then, she had ongoing hearing tests and was fit with her first hearing aid at the age of three. Her mom says she knew that getting Ella fit with her hearing aid was just the right thing to do.

Ella was introduced to a new world of sound when she received her hearing aid. She remembers not knowing that the people on the TV were speaking aloud until then.

“The first night at the dinner table with the hearing aid, Ella exclaimed, ‘Oh, so this is what you two have been talking about!’ She wasn’t quite three,” says her mom.

A Passion for the Arts

Since she started Kindergarten, Ella has had an FM adapter and sat in preferential seating to help her hear at her very best in the classroom.

“Ella has a strong work ethic and loves learning,” says her mom. “School is very important to her.”

Among all of the subjects Ella studies, the arts are her favorite.

“Art is my favorite subject because I am good at drawing,” she says. “It gives me a chance to show my creativity and talent, and I enjoy exploring different art mediums. I’m also in the middle school musical, take ballet lessons, and I’m a part of Jazz Band. I play the piano and clarinet.”

Why Ella is a HearStrong Champion

Ella is a HearStrong Champion because she does not let her hearing loss hold her back from the things she is passionate about. For her, her hearing aid is a natural part of her life, and she takes the opportunity to educate others about it.

“I have had the hearing aids since I was three,” Ella says. “My friends only know me with it. I tell people about it when they ask what it is or why I can’t hear them very well.”

Even at a young age, Ella is an advocate for others. She is thankful for what better hearing brings to her life and looks forward to helping others.

“I am willing to do my part to help inspire others like me,” she says.

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