Champion - Chloe Stark

Star Student • Inspiration

From: New York, NY

Early Steps

Chloe was diagnosed with hearing loss at birth, after failing her newborn hearing screening exam. After several months of testing, the cause was found to be genetic. Initially, Chloe utilized traditional hearing devices. But, as her hearing continued to deteriorate and her parents noticed their outgoing and curious daughter was missing developmental milestones and becoming shy and withdrawn, they knew she needed more powerful technology. At the age of 2 ½, Chloe received bilateral cochlear implants.

Moving Forward

Shortly after receiving her implants, Chloe began attending the Clarke School for Hearing and Speech in New York City to help advance her language and communication skills. Chloe’s father, Jon, said that the support she received at the school helped her get back on track.

With the benefit of her cochlear implants, the motivation from her instructors at the Clarke School, and the support of her family, Chloe not only reached her developmental milestones, but far surpassed them.

Enjoying Life

Currently, Chloe is a happy and engaged kindergartener in a mainstream school where she is excelling in all of her subjects and is able to fully interact with her classmates.

As Jon says, when Chloe came home from school with a report card that said she was one of the best students in her mainstream class—when just a few months prior she was almost a year behind on her developmental goals—goes to show what a dramatic effect hearing assistance has already had on Chloe. As she continues to excel and grow, Chloe and her parents feel the sky is the limit!

Why Chloe is a HearStrong Champion

As one of the Clarke School's many success stories, Chloe is proud of her hearing technology and how it helps her every day. According to Jon, Chloe wants to help inspire others with hearing difficulties to understand how wonderful life can be when you can hear better and she believes that those with hearing difficulties shouldn't wait another moment to seek the treatment that will help them excel.

On October 17, 2014, the foundation recognized Chloe as a HearStrong Champion alongside members of the EarQ and Siemens teams at a special ceremony at Siemens' U.S. Headquarters in Piscataway, NJ.

Click here to see Chloe in action.

The Latest with Chloe

Chloe with the GROChoe GRO NYC

Chloe training with the Girls Riders Organization team in New York City.

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