Champion - Alyssa Hoglund

Swimmer • Student

From: Mesa, AZ

Nominated by: Gail Padish Clarin Au.D., CCC-A of Cardon Children’s Medical Center/Banner Dessert Medical Center

Discovery and Solutions

“Alyssa was diagnosed with a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss at 3 years of age,” said Lissa Hoglund, Alyssa’s mother. “We noticed she really had to concentrate on our faces when we would speak to her and her language skills were slow to develop. We came to the conclusion that Alyssa was reading our lips in order to communicate effectively.”

Wanting to offer their daughter every opportunity to succeed, Lissa and her husband, Frank, decided to encourage Alyssa to utilize hearing aids.

“...Alyssa’s hearing, speech, and learning increased immensely when she started using hearing aids.”

Developing Confidence

“Alyssa began speech therapy immediately after receiving her hearing aids. This early intervention helped her achieve the great articulation she has today. Alyssa has exceeded our and the doctor’s expectations of what she may accomplish at her level of hearing loss and is a great example that one can be successful with the assistance of hearing aids.”

Success In and Out of the Classroom

“Between the hearing aids and the FM (a small, wearable microphone used by her teachers that transmits sounds right to Alyssa’s hearing aids) at school, this technology has provided the proper environment and learning experience within the classroom. She has maintained pretty much an A average in school and has been on the honor roll for the last two school years.”

“Once she received her hearing aids, her socialization skills improved immensely, and she is now a very outgoing, social (young lady) that makes friends very easily. When we go out with other families or she is with a group of friends, she is not missing out on any of the conversations, which makes life much more enjoyable for her.”

Why Alyssa is a HearStrong Champion

“She has had to overcome a lot, but she does not allow her hearing (difficulties) to get in the way of trying hard and succeeding in everything she does. Alyssa has been on a competitive swim team for (years) and shows that she is a champion every time she gets into the water to swim. She would love to swim competitively in college and maybe even (in) the Olympics someday.”

Alyssa is also determined to help others better understand hearing loss. Because of this, she and her family were instrumental in helping to create a family resource center in the library of Cardon Children’s Medical Center/Banner Dessert Medical Center. The resource center contains hearing loss information for patients, parents, and siblings.

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