Gordon Dibble Receives Free Set of Hearing Aids through HearStrong’s Pay It Forward Program

Gordon Dibble Receives Free Set of Hearing Aids through HearStrong’s Pay It Forward Program

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Gordon Dibble

Gordon Dibble, in Tecumseh, MI was recently fit with brand new Signia hearing aids at no cost to his family by Precious Hearing Inc. This was made possible through HearStrong’s Pay It Forward program. Gordon was nominated to receive these new devices by HearStrong Champion, Isabel Glace. Isabel is a recent college graduate who immediately knew she wanted to help Gordon once she learned of his situation.

HearStrong is dedicated to helping the 80% of people with untreated hearing loss receive necessary hearing technology. This is achieved by recognizing outstanding adults and children with hearing loss and giving them a platform to empower and serve others in need of hearing care. These individuals are called HearStrong Champions. Champions are given the opportunity to select an individual in need to receive a free set of hearing devices.

Gordon, now retired, first noticed he was losing his hearing while working as a machinist. Even though he knew he was in need of hearing devices, he always selflessly put his family’s needs before his own. Gordon was extremely grateful for being selected as a recipient of this program. He was looking forward to receiving hearing aids because he wanted to feel more included in a room full of people.

On May 26th, Gordon was fit with brand new hearing aids by Dr. Gerald Meyer at Precious Hearing Inc. in Monroe, MI. With his new devices, Gordon is able to communicate better with his family both over the phone and in person.

Dr. Meyer said, “Gordon’s whole demeanor changed after he was fit with his hearing aids. He was very happy and excited that he was able to hear and understand naturally and normally.”

After Gordon received his hearing aids, his daughter, Terri Butler said, “He was smiling from ear to ear and I could tell that he was already coming out of his shell. He even asked me to turn his favorite country song up on the radio so he can hear it.”

Hearing aids were donated to Gordon by HearStrong’s longtime sponsor, EarQ. A portion of every EarQ branded hearing aid purchase is donated to HearStrong to help even more individuals access the hearing care they need. Getting Gordon connected to hearing better was made possible through the generosity of EarQ and Precious Hearing’s services! To learn more about the HearStrong Foundation and our Pay It Forward Program, please go to hearstrong.org.


About HearStrong

HearStrong was founded in 2013 with the goal of inspiring a mass hearing healthcare awareness movement. An estimated 48 million Americans experience hearing loss. In response to this need, HearStrong began recognizing and sharing the stories of remarkable people with hearing loss. Today, HearStrong’s efforts have expanded and the organization partners with hearing healthcare professionals across the country to give people of all ages access to hearing health services.


About Precious Hearing Inc.

Precious Hearing is a private audiology practice dedicated to helping the people of the greater Monroe County for over 21 years. Precious Hearing has continued to expand their network of offices in order to provide even greater convenience for their commuting patients. The team at Precious Hearing has over 70 years of combined experience helping people lead healthier, more satisfied lives through improved hearing.


About EarQ

A prestigious nationwide network of independent hearing healthcare providers, EarQ utilizes innovative business and marketing practices, as well as national public awareness efforts to advocate for excellence in the industry and patient care. Through its 1,400 hearing healthcare provider locations nationwide, EarQ helps provide greater access to quality hearing healthcare services and products.

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