Isabel Glace

Isabel Glace

Isabel Glace

Division 1 Lacrosse Player • Personal Trainer

“I believe seeking treatment for hearing loss is important because you could be holding yourself back. The ability to hear can enhance one’s life greatly, it cannot be looked at as an obstacle.”

Discovering Her Hearing loss

Isabel was three years old when she was diagnosed with hearing loss. While having Isabel over for lunch, her mother’s friend noticed that Isabel may not be hearing well. After asking Isabel if what she was making was okay with her, Isabel nodded. Isabel hadn’t actually heard what was asked and became upset when she was presented with the food. Isabel’s parents immediately decided to get her hearing tested. She was then diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss. Isabel was thrilled when she was able to pick out her own color ear molds. With her cool new devices and pink sparkly ear molds, she was amazed by how much more clearly she could hear.

“I remember vividly after I got my hearing aids, I sat in front of the TV and I could hear the sounds, I was blown away.”

Isabel’s Hearing Journey

Isabel has always loved her hearing aids and has worn them with pride. Because she received them at such a young age, she has always felt like they were a part of her. She is grateful for all of the sounds she is able to hear and the positive outlook on life that better hearing has given her.


Isabel has participated in sports since she was three years old, before she was diagnosed with hearing loss. She loved athletics, because she never felt like an outsider. In the fourth grade, while trying out for a travel soccer team, she was told by the coaches that she could not play on the “A” team because they didn’t want to make accommodations for her. She was devastated and confused, but she didn’t let it keep her down. Isabel continued to work hard in every practice and game and after just one season, she was moved up to the “A” team. Even though her coaches doubted her ability, Isabel knew that her hearing loss was not going to stand in her way. Isabel went on to succeed in every sport she picked up, and now plays Division 1 lacrosse at Wagner College where she has won two NEC Championships.

Why Isabel is a HearStrong Champion

Isabel is a HearStrong Champion because she is hardworking and determined to never let hearing loss be the reason she can’t do something. As a personal trainer and a volunteer lacrosse coach, she is passionate about helping others. She is an incredible role model because she proves that anything is possible. She wants to inspire other individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to have the same positive outlook on life that she has. By sharing her story she hopes to encourage others to seek treatment for their hearing loss.


“The challenges of hearing loss has brought me strength and I know I am capable of anything I set my mind to. I achieved my ultimate goal of playing collegiate lacrosse, and my hearing did not stand in the way of that.”

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