HearStrong Champions

HearStrong Champions are individuals with hearing loss who are dedicated to inspiring and empowering others. Sound like someone you know? Nominate them today!

Doctorate Student

Sara is a HearStrong Champion because she advocates for herself, and when she speaks up for herself she is also paving the way for others who have hearing loss.

Business Development Assistant

Frank is a HearStrong Champion because of his cheerful and appreciative outlook and involvement with numerous organizations that help people with hearing loss. Although Frank has experienced frustrating times with his hearing loss, he never let that stop him from doing the things he loves, such as dance and advocating for his community.


Sarah is a HearStrong Champion because she is extremely loving and wants to help others have better hearing. Sarah enjoys working with organizations such as Waiting to Hear, where she can help other children who have experienced hearing loss or deafness. Sarah wants to help more kids hear and wants to be able to give a pair of hearing aids to someone who needs them.


Khalil is a HearStrong Champion because he is driven to help others and always keeps a positive attitude. Throughout his hearing journey, Khalil has continued to smile and pull through because he believes that nothing can bring him down.


Camie is a HearStrong Champion because at the young age of 11 she has proven to be a determined advocate for those with hearing loss. Camie believes hearing loss should not stop you from following your dreams and everyone deserves to have access to hearing aids regardless of money.

Audiology Doctoral Student

Katie is a HearStrong Champion because she is driven and determined to make an impact and change the negative stigma associated with hearing loss.