Max Tucker

HearStrong Champion

Max Tucker

Student • Advocate

My favorite sound is listening to music because it’s so emotional and expressive, and stimulates my mind in a positive way.

Discovering Their Hearing Loss

Max was almost three years old before their parents discovered they had auditory neuropathy. Because Max was not yet speaking, their speech therapist suggested they have their hearing re-tested. After discovering they had hearing loss Max’s parent’s decided to have them fit with cochlear implants so they could have the necessary tools for success.

Overcoming Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can often make you feel like you are “different.” Being a teenager with hearing loss can be challenging, but despite the hardships that hearing loss brings, Max has demonstrated resilience. Max has not let hearing loss stop them from being the person they want to be, or from doing the things they are passionate about. Although cochlear implants have helped Max tremendously, their unwillingness to let hearing loss be a definer has illustrated their true strength and capabilities.

“Max has stood up for their own needs and for acceptance of their differences. They are sharing their story to inspire change, acceptance, and inclusion.” –Max’s mother

Max is able to self-express through different outlets such as listening to music and writing. Max’s creative abilities shine through in their writing because it is an opportunity for self-expression. Max’s optimism and determination is what has helped them overcome hearing loss. In addition, Max is heavily involved in various clubs and was recently elected to be the Social Action Vice President for the NFTY, a Regional Jewish Youth Movement.

Why Max is a HearStrong Champion

Max is a HearStrong Champion because they want to help other people have their own voices heard. Max wants to be recognized for their own identity. Even though Max’s hearing journey has not been easy, they have continued to prove that hearing loss is not a definer. Max’s creativeness, self-expression, and advocacy for others makes them a HearStrong Champion.

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