Julian Roger

HearStrong Chamipion Julian Roger

Julian Roger

Soccer Player • Student

My favorite sounds to hear are people cheering me on at the finish line of my bike rides and people cheering me on at my soccer games!

Experiencing Hearing Loss

Julian was in preschool when his parents noticed early signs of hearing loss. He would frequently ask, “What?” when his parents asked him questions, and it seemed that he was ignoring his peers at school. After two hearing tests that Julian’s pediatrician deemed normal, his symptoms persisted.

“It was clear that his hearing loss would affect his early socialization,” says Julian’s father Jeffrey. “Additionally, he was in a critical window for language acquisition and phoneme production and we knew that if he couldn’t hear language clearly he would not be able to produce it well. This drove us to take action.”

Julian’s parents took him to Seattle Children’s Hospital where he was immediately diagnosed with profound sensorineural hearing loss. He was fit with his first pair of hearing aids that same day.

The Importance of Hearing Better

As his hearing loss progressed, Julian’s hearing aids were no longer able to help him hear all the sounds he needed. He became a cochlear implant (CI) recipient when he was four years and 10 months old. Jeffrey says this made a world of difference for him.

“His CI put him in a classroom with typical hearing peers,” Jeffrey says. “He is able to engage in nearly any activity a child with typical hearing could participate and without significant limitation. Most importantly, he can make friends and communicate clearly with them.”

Julian is a bright student who plays competitive soccer, skis, and rides his bike 100 miles at a time! (He has ridden 205 miles from Seattle, Washington, to Portland, Oregon, in two days three times!) He also loves to laugh and tell jokes.

Why Julian is a HearStrong Champion

Julian is a HearStrong Champion because he is a determined and passionate kid who believes it’s important for people to understand how valuable hearing aids and cochlear implants are.

“Sometimes people think I’m a cyborg,” he jokes. “I reassure them that I’m not and make a joke to lighten up the situation for them.”

When asked what he likes about being a HearStrong Champion, Julian says, “I want to help people learn about hearing loss and cochlear implants so they can live the life they want and realize the sky is the limit on what they can do.”

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