Eliza Peters

Eliza Peters

Fundraiser • Athlete

I believe that through (being a HearStrong Champion) I am going to be able to be someone’s role model. People need successful Deaf people to look up to. (They need) to see someone like me who is Deaf, uses American Sign Language to communicate, runs a business, and inspires people to do great things. That’s how you know someone is a Champion

Discovering Hearing Loss

When Eliza Peters was just four years old, she experienced a cholesteatoma- an abnormal skin growth in the middle ear behind the eardrum. Despite attempts to treat it with tubes, the cholesteatoma eventually caused significant hearing loss for Eliza.

Rediscovering the Joys of Sound

After being fitted for and receiving her hearing devices, Eliza never looked back. Her mother says that when Eliza wore her hearing devices for the first time she “looked up with a big smile, gave me two thumbs up and said, ‘I can hear!'”

An avid basketball player, Eliza quickly learned to depend on her hearing devices to help her experience everything from the sounds of the court to the calls of her teammates.

Why Eliza is a HearStrong Champion

Eliza is a HearStrong Champion because she never saw her hearing loss as a weakness and encourages other young girls with hearing loss to feel the same. Her outgoing personality and compassionate nature make her an impassioned hearing health advocate in her community and beyond.

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