Anna Blake

Anna Blake Hearstrong Champion

Anna Blake

Cheerleader • Volunteer

“I would like to help kids that are hard of hearing because everyone deserves to hear what they are missing out on. I also want to help people understand what it means to not be able to hear.”

Discovering Her Hearing Loss

Anna failed several hearing tests from birth, but she was not officially diagnosed until preschool. Her teacher noticed that she wasn’t responding appropriately, she was withdrawn, would not speak in the classroom, and had trouble following directions. An ABR test was done to more accurately diagnose her hearing loss. Anna was then diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss at age 4. After her diagnosis, her parents decided that hearing aids were the next step to help Anna connect to the world around her.

Importance of Hearing Better

After receiving her hearing aids, Anna came out of her shell. Her communication with her teachers and peers improved tremendously. Her behavior improved as well and everyone could tell that Anna was like a brand new child.

Anna’s mother said, “Everyone who knew her before and after noticed the positive impact that her hearing aids have made in her life.”

Hear hearing aids allow her to participate in her art club and the sports she loves like cheerleading and tennis. Anna is very grateful for the new sounds she can hear since she received her devices. She loves being able to hear people’s voices as well as listen to her favorite songs. She currently utilizes an FM system in the classroom to ensure she is not missing out on anything.

Anna says, “I like to hear birds chirping and my cat meow.”

Why Anna is a HearStrong Champion

Anna is a HearStrong Champion because she is an advocate for herself as well as for others. After receiving her hearing aids, she has become very passionate about helping other kids hear. She enjoys volunteering with her family at Waiting to Hear, as well as telling her story in awareness videos, media interviews, and at local schools to teach elementary students about hearing diversity.

Anna persevered through her challenges and would not let anything stop her from learning like every other child. Now, as a fourth grader, Anna is unstoppable! She is the first to answer questions in the classroom, makes friends wherever she goes, and always has a smile on her face. Anna’s love and positivity is contagious to everyone she meets.

Anna’s Speech Language Pathologist said, “Because of Anna, I now teach my students that given any challenge, all you need is the right heart and attitude to succeed. Anna has a smile that can light up a room, but her heart is even brighter.”

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