Joe Gullo

Joe Gullo


Universal Audiology

With a degree in Audiology from the State University of New York at Fredonia, Joseph Gullo cares deeply about the hearing needs of his community and is happy to provide service to anyone in the area who needs it. He currently is the third generation to run Universal Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, a practice in New York that was originally founded by his grandfather, John P. Gullo.

As technology changes, Universal Audiology is positioned to be at the forefront of any advances and to provide our clients with the most appropriate hearing help.

It’s important to remember that individuals of all ages need to hear, from the young to the old and across all walks of life. Seeing HearStrong Champions break the stigma and raise awareness is not only inspiring, but essential so that we can continue to help others in the years ahead.

On February 12, 2015, Joe Gullo and the HearStrong Foundation, in conjunction with the NBRPA, celebrated Vako Gvelesiani as a HearStrong Champion at the NBA All-Stay event in New York City. Joe Gullo himself was the one to nominate Vako as a HearStrong Champion.

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