Carly Waters

Carly Waters

Big Sister – Young Philanthropist


Carly is an incredible kid who is using her talents to create change!

When her two little sisters, Emma and Molly, were diagnosed with hearing loss within months of each other, Carly was surprised to learn the cost of hearing aids and that many families have difficulty affording them.

Emma and Molly’s hearing aids help them in so many ways. Emma’s hearing aids help her hear her teacher in school and communicate with her friends. Although Molly is just a baby, she loves wearing her hearing aids too! In fact, every morning when she wakes up, she points to her ears to signal that she wants to wear them.

Carly didn’t want other kids to go without the hearing aids they need, so she thought about ways she could help raise money for them. She originally wanted to have a lemonade stand, but after discovering that she needed a special permit to do that, she came up with a different plan. At just eight years old, Carly designs, sews, and sells stuffed lemons to raise funds for families of children with hearing loss. Since July 2018, she has made 603 lemons, sent out 6 pairs of hearing aids, grossed approximately $7,000, and donated $1,200 for medical expenses for families!

HearStrong is so proud to have ambassadors like Carly making a difference!

I want every child to be able to own a pair of hearing aids! That’s my goal!

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