Champion Henry Lundquist Receives Free Set of Hearing Aids through HearStrong’s Pay it Forward Program

Henry Lundquist with an audiologist

Champion Henry Lundquist Receives Free Set of Hearing Aids through HearStrong’s Pay it Forward Program

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In Benson, MN, 13-year-old HearStrong Champion Henry Lundquist was recently fit with brand new Oticon hearing aids at no cost to his family by Associated Hearing Care. This was made possible through HearStrong’s Pay It Forward program. Henry was nominated to receive these new devices by his mother and fellow HearStrong Champion, Sara Lundquist.

HearStrong is dedicated to helping the 80% of people with untreated hearing loss receive necessary hearing technology. This is achieved by recognizing outstanding adults and children with hearing loss and giving them a platform to empower and serve others in need of hearing care. These individuals are called HearStrong Champions. Champions are allowed to select an individual in need to receive a free set of hearing devices.

Henry was named a HearStrong Champion in 2018, 4 years after his mother became a Champion. In 2020, Sara nominated Henry to receive free hearing aids through the Pay it Forward program because Henry lost one of his hearing aids at school. As a result of the COVID-19 mask mandate, Henry’s hearing aid disappeared after it caught on the ear loop of the mask and flew off. Sara noticed every day how much he was struggling and how exhausted he was with just the one aid. HearStrong and Sara surprised Henry with the news that he was nominated to receive brand new hearing aids over zoom. Henry became emotional when he realized how life-changing new hearing aids would be for him.

On July 16th, Henry was fit with brand new Oticon hearing aids by Dr. Rebecca Younk at Associated Hearing Care in St. Paul, MN. Since he received his new devices, Henry’s confidence has risen, and he has even decided to join his school’s speech club.

With his new hearing instruments, Henry can hear new sounds and follow conversations and directions at school much more effortlessly. Henry said, “I’ve noticed sounds that I didn’t know were loud before, like the fans at my school. I never noticed how loud the wind and the trees are either!”

The hearing aids were donated to Henry by HearStrong’s longtime sponsor, EarQ. A portion of every EarQ branded hearing aid purchase is donated to HearStrong to help even more individuals access the hearing aids they need. Getting Henry connected to hearing better was made possible through the generosity of EarQ and Associated Hearing Care’s services. To learn more about the HearStrong Foundation and our Pay It Forward Program, please go to

About HearStrong

HearStrong was founded in 2013 with the goal of inspiring a mass hearing healthcare awareness movement. An estimated 48 million Americans experience hearing loss. In response to this need, HearStrong began recognizing and sharing the stories of remarkable people with hearing loss. Today, HearStrong’s efforts have expanded, and the organization partners with hearing healthcare professionals across the country to give people of all ages access to hearing health services.

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