Tiffany Storrs

Tiffany Storrs

Tiffany Storrs

ASL Tutor • Advocate

“There are so many reasons to not let hearing loss impact your life. Mine include protecting my relationships with family and friends, my career, my well-being, my safety, and my over-all sense of connectedness to my community. Life is worth hearing!”

Tiffany’s Hearing Loss Story

Tiffany first experienced hearing loss when she was in her early 30s. At the time, she was a new mother running on little sleep, enduring what was thought to be a three month long sinus infection. Her ENT quickly clarified that her “sinus infection” was actually single sided deafness. Tiffany has no family history of hearing loss, so this was completely unexpected. She acted quickly and knew that if she wanted to continue to live her life at the same level of quality that she was used to with normal hearing, then she needed hearing devices. To Tiffany, the choice to get hearing aids was a “no-brainer” if she wanted to maintain her active lifestyle. Two months later, Tiffany decided to get surgery for a Cochlear BAHA.

The Importance of Better Hearing

Tiffany had to learn how to adjust to life with hearing loss and hearing devices. Prior to experiencing hearing loss, Tiffany spent most of her professional life in the news/media industry. She decided to reevaluate what she could do professionally that wouldn’t require her to strain so hard to hear. Through this process she discovered her hidden talents as a bookkeeper. Tiffany is grateful that through her new career path, she has learned a ton of new skills which increased her employability and self-esteem.

“I guess you can say I’m an expert at shifting gears and knowing how to readjust my sails in the storms of life. I decided it was more sustainable to just make friends with my hearing loss than to feel defeated by it.”

Tiffany’s hearing loss has ultimately made her a better listener. Now, she takes time to be fully present and really listen and connect in conversation. Prior to her hearing loss, Tiffany felt like she was going through life at full speed, frantically trying to cross things off her to-do lists. Now, still as a busy mother and spending her free time mountain biking, rock climbing, and practicing goat yoga, she has learned to live life more purposefully.

“I take a lot more time now to simply practice the art of listening… to everything; my kids, music, laughter, crickets, Mother Nature! I listen like it’s my job and I love asking endless questions and deepening all my relationships.”

Why Tiffany is a HearStrong Champion

Tiffany is a HearStrong Champion because she never saw her hearing loss as something negative that happened to her. She strives to not only always find the positives in any situation, but to inspire others to do the same. She is a strong advocate for herself and for others. She is very active in the cochlear community, as a current spokesperson for the BAHA Conductive system. Tiffany also has shared her experience and message in Cochlear commercials, sound bites, brochures, and magazine interviews. She participates in a patient advocacy program for people who are trying to select the best hearing devices for their specific needs by sharing her own journey to hear better. She inspires children to learn new languages by voluntarily teaching ASL at her kids’ school. She was extremely proud to compete in the Mrs. Colorado USA pageant and share her platform on hearing loss awareness. Tiffany takes every opportunity to speak out for a better understanding of treatment options for anyone with a hearing loss.

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