Sherry Anne

Hearstrong Champion Sherry Anne

Sherry Anne

Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter • Motivational Speaker

“It is important to seek treatment for hearing loss because it will improve your quality of life, your social settings, and your professional settings. There is help for those who are hard of hearing and no reason to miss out on all that life has to offer in both sounds and words.”

Discovering Hearing Loss

Sherry Anne was born with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, but she was not diagnosed until she was in kindergarten. She found school to be challenging and struggled to follow along in class. During a routine school physical that year the school nurse suspected that Sherry Anne had hearing loss. The nurse called Sherry Anne’s mother to have her hearing evaluated. The first doctor who tested Sherry Anne told her mother that nothing was wrong. Determined to get answers, Sherry Anne was brought to another doctor for a second opinion. After performing tests and covering his mouth while speaking to Sherry Anne, this doctor discovered that she had significant hearing loss and was relying on lip reading.  

Sherry’s Journey

Growing up, Sherry Anne felt misunderstood by the people around her because they considered her to be rude and defiant. Her teachers disciplined her because they thought she wasn’t paying attention or would talk out of turn. She was bullied and mocked by her peers for the way she talked.  

Once Sherry Anne received her first set of hearing aids, her life began to change. She thrived in school and achieved stellar grades. She went on to earn her Doctorate of Chiropractic. Hearing aids improved her ability to hear in social settings. As a result, Sherry Anne’s speech greatly improved, her confidence rose, and she developed the courage to pursue a singing and speaking career.  

“I remember the first time I heard birds sing in 1995, it blew my mind how loud they were! And, I remember the first time I heard water ripple, around that same time, and it moved me to tears as I always loved to sit by the water but never knew the calming sound it made.”

Why Sherry is a HearStrong Champion

Sherry Anne is a HearStrong Champion because she is an advocate for herself and for others. She uses her story to inspire and encourage others that they can overcome any challenge in order to live their best life. Sherry Anne sings and speaks across the country and has grown into a nationally-recognized, award-winning singer-songwriter. She has recorded over six CDs and one DVD – the DVD went on to hit Billboard Music Video Charts as a Top 5 video. In addition, she just wrote her first children’s book and produced a children’s CD. She has been involved in various youth mentoring programs over the years, as well as an Ambassador for a deaf mission’s organization called the International Christian Centers for the Deaf.  

“I believe life can be better if you believe it and reach for it. Hearing aids were the first step towards achieving my dreams. I am living proof you can do it!”  

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