Sean O’Callaghan

Sean O’Callaghan

Soccer Player • Leader

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Life with Hearing Loss

Sean’s hearing loss was diagnosed when he was seven, but he believes he was born with it.

“Before I addressed my hearing loss, it was difficult for me to hear and understand classroom work,” Sean says. “My second grade teacher and parents inspired me to be fit for hearing aids. Having hearing aids has helped me keep my grades up and have a positive high school experience. I can communicate better, as I can hear better.”

Through it all, Sean has had his dad as a role model.

“He introduced me to sports and encouraged me to keep trying my best and to be a leader,” Sean says.

A Passion for Soccer

Today, Sean is preparing to go to college at Gallaudet University to major in business and start on the soccer team as a center back.

“Soccer is known around the world as the beautiful game, and having played it since the age of six years, I can say it’s also many other things including the inspirational game, the intriguing game, the genius’ game, and the greatest game,” says Sean.

Through soccer, Sean has learned many invaluable skills that have helped him in every aspect of his life.

“I have come to appreciate the critical nature of teamwork, as well as the privilege it is to become part of a team,” he says. Were it not for soccer, I may not know that I possess innate leadership skills and the ability to inspire and motivate others. Were it not for soccer, I may not appreciate the fulfillment of leading by example and demonstrating to others the necessity of cooperation and commitment.”

Why Sean is a HearStrong Champion

Sean is a HearStrong Champion because he has never let hearing loss get in the way of his dreams. He is an advocate for others, and shows the world what people with hearing loss are capable of. He is proud and honored to be named as a Champion.

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