Patrick Vincent

Patrick Vincent, HearStrong Champion

Patrick Vincent

Volunteer • Former Machinist

Communication is such an important part of being human. Being able to hear again has opened the way to many new relationships and friendships.

Experiencing His Hearing Loss

At the age of 14 Patrick lost hearing in one of his ears. Patrick did not look for help with his hearing loss until he was 39, at which point his good ear rapidly began to deteriorate, eventually affecting his family and career. Patrick learned that when you don’t address your hearing loss, you rapidly become isolated and unaware of your surroundings.

“People give you odd looks because they have said something to you, which you did not hear. That is often perceived as rudeness, since hearing loss is rather invisible.”

Even though hearing aids were a solution for Patrick for several years, gradually a cochlear implant was needed. After receiving his cochlear implant, Patrick realized that a feeling of stress had been released.

The Importance of Hearing Better

Once his cochlear implant was activated, Patrick finally noticed sounds he had forgotten about. Such as traffic passing by outside his office window. The dramatic difference he experienced gave him a sense of well-being, optimism, and hope that he found impossible to describe. His cochlear implant enabled him to participate to the fullest and to join volunteer groups.

“Communication is such an important part of being human. Being able to hear again has opened the way to many new relationships and friendships.”

Now that Patrick can hear better he is living his best life and enjoying music again. After receiving his cochlear implant, Patrick began taking violin and piano lessons. In addition, he also loves woodworking and even made his own violin.

Why Patrick is a HearStrong Champion

Patrick is a HearStrong Champion because he has “practical” experience with hearing loss and acts as an advocate for groups and organizations involved in helping those with hearing impairments. Patrick also belongs to the Columbus Cochlear Chapter where he spends time exchanging and receiving information with professionals. He acts as a role model to those who are just starting their cochlear experience and encourages people to address their hearing loss.

Patrick is a volunteer at the Center of Science and Industry, Choice Food Pantry, and he volunteers with a deaf blind group in Michigan as well as at his local church.

“There are many medical reasons and benefits to treating hearing loss. There is less daily stress. There is the ability to hear more, and thus learn more. But mostly, treating hearing loss lets a person rejoin the flow of human interactions and communication. We are social creatures. We need other human beings.”

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