Lili Nguyen

Lili Nguyen

Advocate • Aspiring Cosmetologist

Having gone through a lifetime of difficulties with my disability, I feel a responsibility to support those who have suffered as I have. I have been extremely blessed and thankful to have a family that has loved and believed in me my whole life. To return even a little amount of that care would make a difference in someone’s life.

The Importance of Hearing Better

Lili was diagnosed with hearing loss at the age of three and was fit with hearing aids two years later. She remembers when she first got her hearing aids and attended the San Francisco Hearing and Speech Center.

“I cannot express the joy and relief I felt during the first few days when I connected with kids I could relate to,” she says. “Nothing in my life gave me as much pride and confidence as the years I spent there. I would not be the person I am today without experiencing those moments. It made me believe I indeed had a chance at a normal, full life.”

Two decades later, Lili is thankful for her hearing aids as they help her communicate with her friends, family, and customers at work.

“Hearing is important to a healthy existence,” she says. “To deny one the inability to listen to music or hear a loved one speak is to deny them essential aspects of a fulfilling life. Not a single person should be denied the ability to hear.”

Giving Back

Between struggles with her hearing and vision, Lili knows what it is like to face great challenges. She is currently working toward her cosmetology license and hopes that she will someday be able to use it to help other women. Her goal is to offer hair and makeup services to disadvantaged women at a reduced cost. This way, they will feel more confident when they go into situations such as job interviews.

Through it all, Lili has had a great role model, her mother.

“My mom does such unbelievable things to protect her family,” says Lili. “She believes that spreading love is a great way to come together, which is so true. Love would be hard to understand without her!”

Why Lili is a HearStrong Champion

In her role as a HearStrong Champion, Lili hopes to encourage and support others with hearing loss.

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