Gracie Dudt-Mulzet

Grace Dudt-Mulzet - HearStrong Champion

Gracie Dudt-Mulzet


I want to help people know more about hard of hearing and deaf kids, and that we are really cool!

Experiencing Hearing Loss

Gracie’s hearing loss was identified soon after she was three months old. It was discovered that she had profound hearing loss on one side and moderate loss on the other and she was fit with her first pair of tiny hearing aids. As she grew up, her hearing started to decline very slowly until about the age of four, when it was almost completely gone. At that point, Gracie’s parents started to plan to fit her with cochlear implants.

“We wanted to provide our daughter with every intervention available to help her succeed. We felt the same exact way about starting to learn and teach American Sign Language to Gracie as we did about fitting her for her first pair of hearing aids. Today she uses a mini mic with her cochlear implants at school and she loves to hear her teachers and friends. Because her peers don’t use ASL, having cochlear implants allows her to be involved in all activities.”

The Importance of Hearing Better

Gracie is proud of her cochlear implants and she never misses an opportunity to teach someone more about them. She loved experiencing all the “firsts” with her new devices, including hearing sounds like cars driving on the road, opening a water bottle, and the sounds of nature.

“When people ask me about my cochlear implants, I just tell them, ‘I had a hearing loss when I was a baby and these little white things are cochlear implants. You can call them CI’s and they help me hear better!”

Why Gracie is a HearStrong Champion

Gracie is a HearStrong Champion because she is a determined and passionate girl who believes it’s important for people to understand how valuable hearing aids and cochlear implants are. She is proud to have cochlear implants, and is not afraid to tell adults and other children about them. When asked what her favorite part is about hearing better she replied “I love to hear my parents talking to me.”

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