Dr. Rebecca Anderson

Dr. Rebecca Anderson Hearstrong Champion

Dr. Rebecca Anderson

Audiologist • Speech Language Pathologist

“I believe that we are social creatures by our very nature, and that we need to communicate well – both for our own sake as well as for the listener. Seeking help for hearing loss keeps the lines of communication open.”

Living with Hearing Loss

Rebecca has struggled with recurrent middle ear pathology (ear infections) throughout her entire life. After many ear effusions and perforations, in April of 2019, her hearing loss became permanent. As an audiologist and speech language pathologist (SLP), Rebecca relies on her hearing when testing her patients. Her hearing loss made daily life difficult. She could not hear her patients without asking others to clarify their responses. Outside of work, it made communication in social situations challenging.

Prior to April 2019, Rebecca was not considered a good candidate for hearing aids. She had both good and bad days with her hearing. On the bad days, listening was exhausting and frustrating. After she lost her hearing permanently, she knew in order to live her life to the fullest, and to continue the career she loves, she needed to address her hearing loss.

Importance of Hearing Better

After she received her hearing aids, Rebecca became more confident performing her job. As a clinical instructor, she is able to accurately provide hearing evaluations and supervise graduate students in their audiology rotations. She is so grateful for her hearing aids for limiting the stress and frustration in her daily life. She is able to hear her students immediately when they ask her questions in a hushed tone. In her professional life, she has noticed that hearing aids have made a tremendous difference in communicating with colleagues, graduate students, and patients. Personally, she notices small moments every day and is appreciative of each of them. She enjoys listening to the birds chirping and can hear live music with greater clarity and fullness. Her husband notices that he repeats himself less and they both have more energy to spend on traveling and attending concerts.

Why Rebecca is a HearStrong Champion

Rebecca is a HearStrong Champion because she is committed, both professionally and personally, to helping others seek the care they need for their hearing loss. Rebecca was inspired by her mother, who has a severe hearing loss, to pursue a career in audiology and SLP. Over her 30+ years working in this profession, she has helped individuals of all ages with hearing loss and other communication challenges. She is also driven to help prevent or limit the impact of noise on workers by providing both noise level assessments and hearing conversation education. She is an outstanding example for her patients and an incredible mentor to her students.

“I can stand in both worlds as someone who has spent her professional life trying to help others with hearing loss, as well as someone who has lived the frustrations/challenges of trying to communicate through recurrent, and ultimately permanent hearing loss. I think I have the experience and temperament to show others that one is never too old (or young) to seek help for hearing loss – even if it is mild by degree.”

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