Carrie Spangler

Carrie Spangler, HearStrong Champion

Carrie Spangler

Educational Audiologist • Haiti Deaf Academy Volunteer

Advocating and helping others with hearing loss is why I do what I do! I am excited to do my job daily because of the internal fire that ignites knowing I have been blessed to help others.

DIscovering Her Hearing Loss

Although Carrie was born with profound hearing loss in both ears, she was not diagnosed until she was 4 years old. Her parent’s intuition is what got Carrie the help she needed as they knew something was not right with her responses to sound. After taking Carrie to several pediatricians who said she was a “late bloomer,” her parents finally took her to a speech-language pathologist who then set them on the right track by referring them to an audiologist.

“My inspiration is my parent’s intuition,” she says.

Carrie received her first pair of hearing aids at 4 years old and had a lot of catching up to do with listening, speech, language, and education during her school years. Now Carrie doesn’t even remember what it was like before having hearing aids. She is amazed by their evolving technology and cannot live without them.

The Importance of Hearing Better

“Hearing aids are a part of me. They allow me to be an active participant in the hearing world! As soon as I wake up, they are in and I don’t take them out until I go to bed.”

Hearing loss is challenging and can have a substantial impact in relationships as well. Carrie believes her hearing loss has made her into a better listener, because in order to effectively communicate she must pay attention. Carrie says, “Listening is the key to positive relationships and I want to be connected to those who are important to me.” Even though hearing loss is often considered to be a negative, Carrie has turned it into a positive.

Because of her firsthand experience with hearing loss Carrie pursued a career in audiology so she can help families and children with hearing loss on a daily basis. Carrie wants to make a positive difference for all of those with hearing loss who cross her path.

Why Carrie is a HearStrong Champion

Carrie is a HearStrong Champion because she is passionate and dedicated to helping others with hearing loss. Carrie has turned what society considers to be a “disability” into an “ability.” She has been an advocate for many years on the local, state, and national level for children and families with hearing loss. The work Carrie has done for her Ohio community has been monumental and she continues to inspire those around her.

“Advocating and helping others with hearing loss is why I do what I do! I am excited to do my job daily because of the internal fire that ignites knowing I have been blessed to help others.”

In addition, Carrie serves on the Ohio Speech and Hearing Professionals Board.  She is a member of the Ohio School Speech Pathology and Audiology Coalition, the Educational Audiology Association, and ASHA. She is also an active member of Quota International and has volunteered multiple times in Haiti with a service group at the Haiti Deaf Academy

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