Caroline Duncan

Caroline Duncan

Caroline Duncan

Division I Soccer Player • Student

“We go through a lot of things in life, and sometimes it helps to be able to hear the sound of life. Not only will it affect individuals getting the treatment for their hearing loss, but it will also affect those around them!”

Discovering Hearing Loss

Caroline was born with her hearing loss. While pregnant with Caroline and her twin sister, her parents were told that it was likely Caroline would have physical or mental disabilities. She considers herself lucky, that all she has is hearing loss.

Caroline has worn hearing aids her entire life. She remembers her first pair being big, clunky and bright pink. When she was young, Caroline always wore her hair down to hide her hearing aids. As she grew up, she realized her devices are a part of her and she shouldn’t be ashamed of them.

Importance of Hearing Better

Today, Caroline is extremely thankful and appreciative for her hearing aids. They have greatly benefited her everyday interactions and situations. From helping her hear her professors in the classroom to being able to communicate with her teammates and coaches on the field. Even during the little moments that most people wouldn’t think twice about. Like while out for a walk and someone behind her on a bike calls ahead to warn her they are passing. Caroline is very grateful her devices allow her to hear especially in situations like that.

“Being able to actually hear conversations and interact with others has been a huge help in not only building my character, but also in learning how to listen and respond to people.”

As a starter on the Division 1 Women’s soccer team at the University of Memphis, being able to hear her coaches and teammates is essential. When she first got to college, it took time to adjust to being able to hear on the field. It was something that she always had issues with, but at the collegiate level she was struggling to keep up with the faster pace. She still finds days that are harder than others, but with the motivation from her twin sister and teammate, Grace, she was determined to learn to adjust to her new situation. She put in the extra time and effort, and with the support of her teammates and coaches, she excels on the field.

Why Caroline is a HearStrong Champion

Caroline is a HearStrong Champion because she is not afraid to speak up and advocate for herself and others. Although it may be uncomfortable at times, she is not afraid to ask for help in difficult situations. Because of her hard work and dedication on and off the field she is an incredible role model and an inspiration to her teammates and coaches. Caroline understands the importance of taking action about hearing loss. There are so many beautiful sounds of life that she doesn’t want anyone to miss out on it.

“I believe it is important to seek treatment for your hearing loss because sound is something very beautiful. Sometimes what you hear can be ugly, but being able to hear even just the amount I do, I am grateful. All over the world there are people who cannot hear at all and not even hearing aids or cochlear implants will help. I want to hear for those that cannot hear.”

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