Ashlee Holland

HearStrong Champion, Ashlee Holland

Ashlee Holland

Founder of Love, Ashlee Rose • Teacher Aide

 I am very passionate on helping others which inspires me daily to work with deaf and hard of hearing children at work and running a business of apparel for Deaf Awareness. I blog personally to share my experiences, I do blog interviews on others and their personal experiences for the community to feel connected and not to feel alone. To feel inspired and keep hope alive that they can do anything.

Experiencing Hearing Loss

It wasn’t until Ashlee was 10 months old that her parent’s realized she was not responding to sounds like she was supposed to. After several appointments, Ashlee’s mother convinced the doctor to perform an auditory brainstem test which diagnosed her as profoundly deaf.

After her diagnosis, Ashlee wore hearing aids until she was 15. At that point she was inspired by a childhood friend to research cochlear implants and eventually seek one for herself. Once she received her cochlear implant, Ashlee discovered that she could hear without having to read lips.

“I love creativity and am a very visual person because growing up I couldn’t hear well and I relied on my eyes, so it brought me enjoyment to create.”

Life for Ashlee

“My cochlear implant helps enormously with my job as I work with deaf and hard of hearing children under the age of six. Most of the children have cochlear implants and we work all day on speech and auditory training with them.”

Although Ashlee’s cochlear implant has improved her quality of life, she has discovered that it takes time and patience to speak with new people. It takes two to learn how to effectively communicate; there needs to be patience from both sides and others have to be willing to understand her hearing loss.

One of Ashlee’s most amazing gifts from her cochlear implant is the ability to communicate with her daughter. Ashlee was afraid she would not be able to hear her daughter say “mama” for the first time, but to her enjoyment she did! She then realized she could hear many new sounds that she could never hear before.

“Last summer, I went back to Vermont, my hometown, and I recognized a sound by the pond. I described the sound to my daughter and she said, ‘Mom, you can hear the frogs!’ That was my first time hearing the frogs.”

Why Ashlee is a HearStrong Champion

Ashlee is a HearStrong Champion because she is passionate about helping others who are deaf or hard of hearing. Ashlee has started her own online apparel company for Deaf Awareness called Love, Ashlee Rose. She is dedicated to supporting families and their children to find appropriate education and supportive social environments. With all of her work in the deaf and hard of hearing community, Ashlee acts as an advocate and is able to share her personal experiences with hearing loss.

“I blog personally to share my experiences, I do blog interviews on others and their personal experiences for the community to feel connected and not to feel alone; to feel inspired and keep hope alive that they can do anything.”

Ashlee’s inspirations come from her supportive parent’s and her daughter. Her parent’s offered continuous help with her hearing loss and taught her to use her backbone to advocate for herself. Both her parents and her daughter offer her constant support, encouragement, and love; all of which inspire her to run her business and be a helping hand in her community.

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