Amy Crumrine

Hearstrong Champion

Amy Crumrine

ASL Teacher • Advocate

Treating hearing loss is important because hearing is one of our senses. People with hearing loss should at least have the opportunity to be able to hear sounds around them.

Discovering Her Hearing Loss

Amy was 10 months old when she experienced a seizure which left her with sudden hearing loss overnight. Her parents immediately had her tested and fit for hearing aids so she could have the opportunity to hear all the sounds around her. Because Amy was so young when she lost her hearing, she does not remember a time when she could hear without hearing aids.

The Importance of Hearing Better

Amy is an ASL teacher at a large mainstream school. Her hearing aids help her communicate with her students and with her peers on a daily basis. Hearing aids have allowed Amy to build her professional career, and to develop her relationships with colleagues and perform the work that is needed from her.

“I am involved with people who have hearing aids and cochlear implants and with people who don’t have them. In general, it has helped me be flexible with both populations and to appreciate the beauty of sounds around me.”

Amy grew up with Cued Speech, which helped her see the sounds that hearing people can hear. This has helped her to converse more effectively and to build relationships with people of all hearing abilities. Amy has not let hearing loss define her, and she is an avid lover of books, puzzles, scrapbooking, and animals.

Why Amy is a HearStrong Champion

Amy is a HearStrong Champion because she works diligently to empower people with hearing loss and help them understand the beauty of the choices they have in life regarding hearing and literacy.

“Everyone should be given the opportunity to visual language access. Those with hearing aids and cochlear implants should be given a chance to help those with hearing loss be in awe of the beauty of the world around them.”

Amy is an advocate for the hearing loss community and devotes her time outside of teaching to helping those who have hearing aids and cochlear implants. She is the founder and president of three organizations including Bridging Hands Camp, CueSign Inc., and Mid Atlantic Coalition for High School Teachers. Amy is a resilient leader who thinks outside of the box to make positive changes.

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