Alexa Peet

Alexa Peet

Alexa Peet

Volleyball Player • Advocate

“Treating hearing loss allows you to look at the world as if it is your oyster. It allows you the ability to
never have roadblocks that are impassable. Some things will be difficult, but they are never impossible if you want them bad enough.”

Discovering Hearing Loss

Alexa failed her newborn screening at the hospital the day she was born. Immediately, her parents decided it was best for her to get fit with hearing aids. Her parents were aware of the importance of being able to hear during the early stages of life.

Knowing without hearing devices, she would be at a disadvantage they wanted to provide her with the best possible solution. Even today, her family is uncertain why she was born with hearing loss, but they are glad they discovered it early and were able to take action.

Importance of Hearing Better

Although hearing aids have always been a part of Alexa, it took her a while to feel comfortable in them. As she grew older, she realized that her hearing loss was not going to change and she learned to accept and cherish her hearing aids. Now, she is very grateful that her parents made the decision to get her fit with her devices right away. Alexa relies on her hearing aids for everyday situations. There are times when she cannot hear well, like while talking on the phone or if someone’s mouth is covered, but she knows without them she wouldn’t be able to hear at all.

“Hearing aids allow me the freedom to do whatever I want. I can listen to music by turning on my hearing aids Bluetooth settings, talk on a phone, hold everyday conversations, learn in a mainstream classroom, and never be held back by lack of hearing. I actually refuse to start my day without them on.”

Today, her hearing aids are essential in helping her keep up with her busy schedule balancing volleyball, preparing for her freshman year of college, and volunteering. Alexa spends the majority of her free time volunteering in her community by donating her time at a local hospital coffee shop, organizing weekly activities for a senior living center resident, and helping customers adopt a pet and best friend at the humane society.

Why Alexa is a HearStrong Champion

Alexa is a HearStrong Champion because she is a natural advocate. In addition to advocating for hearing loss, she advocates for animal welfare, fair healthcare/patient treatment, and more. She is a wonderful role model for others because she faces her disability head on and strives to succeed in everything she puts her mind to. Due to her hard work and passion for learning, she has been accepted into the honors program at the University of Minnesota.

Her parents taught her that her hearing loss would never place barriers in her life. They told her, those moments are opportunities to show the world how resilient and incredible she is in the face of conflict. Today, she is dedicated to spreading this message to others with hearing loss. Hearing aids have “opened so many doors” for her and she strives to be a role model and help others realize that as well.

“Hearings aid have created so many opportunities for me that would have been unimaginable otherwise.”

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