Professional Ambassadors

The following ambassadors are professionals working to empower the 38 million Americans with untreated hearing loss. From nominating Champions to connecting honorees with the hearing technology they need, HearStrong's professional ambassadors are essential to identifying and celebrating our remarkable Champions.

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Jeanine Gleba

Warrior Mom
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Joe Gullo

Audiologist with Universal Audiology
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Dr. Stephanie Long

Doctor of Audiology with About Better Care Audiology
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Melanie Paticoff

Advocate for Children with Hearing Loss
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Dr. Rebecca Witter

Doctor of Audiology with Hearing Evaluation Services of Buffalo
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A HearStrong Champion is an individual who refuses to let their hearing loss stand in the way of living a successful, well-rounded life. If this sounds like you or someone you know nominate them today!

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HearStrong champions serve as a role model to empower the 80% of people with hearing loss who have yet to seek assistance and motivate them to take control of their hearing health. Find out more about each of their inspirational stories!

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Are you a HearStrong Champion who is passionate about educating others about the importance of taking control of their hearing health?

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