Comedian Recognized for Spreading Hearing Loss Awareness through Laughter

Thu, 21 May 2015 07:21:30 EST

A life-long user of hearing technology, comedian D.J. Demers was recognized for his work to shatter stigmas and help normalize hearing loss.

Syracuse, NY (May 21, 2015)—Comedian D.J. Demers is having a blast.

This month, D.J. was publicly celebrated as a HearStrong Champion amongst some of the top professionals in the hearing healthcare industry.

From Toronto, D.J. was diagnosed with hearing loss as an infant and began utilizing hearing devices at the age of four. Because of this early utilization and acceptance, D.J. always appreciated how his devices allowed him to live the life he wanted.

“Any issues of embarrassment or wounded pride go out the window when you’re able to hear all the wonderful sounds this world has to offer,” said D.J.

As a successful stand-up comedian and television personality in his native Canada, D.J. has incorporated his hearing loss into his act in hopes of changing the way most people view hearing loss, hearing devices, and the people who use them.

“D.J.’s honesty on stage about his hearing loss and his ability to make it accessible and relatable is a true testament to his talent,” said Ed Keller, founder and president of the HearStrong Foundation. “By allowing others to laugh with him, D.J. has truly brought hearing loss awareness to an incredibly wide audience.”

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