British Foundation Works to Empower Athletes with Hearing Loss

Tue, 28 Jan 2014 14:11:56 EST

The Greenwich Leisure Limited Sport Foundation (GSF), alongside SportsAid and other sponsors, has created a fund to help British athletes with hearing loss reach higher levels.

In 2013, the GSF supported over 1,300 athletes competing in Olympic, Deaflympic, Paralympic and Special Olympic sporting events. With the recent excitement of the Deaflympics in Bulgaria, the GSF is hoping that many young people with hearing loss will be inspired to chase their athletic goals.

The foundation is currently accepting applications for their 2014 supporting funds, which they hope to use to help support 1,500 athletes from across the UK.

But, the athletes aren't the only ones being helped.

By inspiring those with hearing loss to overcome their challenges and live their dreams, the fund can also empower the millions with untreated hearing loss across the world to take control of their hearing health and understand that it doesn't need to hold them back from living their life fully.

To learn more about the fund, click here.

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