Champion - Marc Brennan, Au.D.

Family Man • Audiologist

Nominated by: Judith Feigin of Boys Town National Research Hospital

"Being Difficult"

When he was just three years old, Marc's mother began to suspect her son had hearing loss. "My mother described me as someone who planted his face as close to the TV as possible," said Marc. "At first she thought perhaps I had a loss of vision. However she noticed that I seemed to be able to otherwise see. She also noticed that my speech was delayed. She had a nurse test my hearing and that person reported that I was 'being difficult.' Luckily my mother persisted in having my hearing tested by an audiologist. Shortly after my diagnosis, I was fitted with hearing aids."

Happy Relationships

"My hearing aids helped me to develop my speech and language, to socialize with other children and to achieve academic success," said Marc. "Being able to hear my wife is very important to our relationship." Being able to communicate clearly with his family has given Marc a sense of pride. "There have been many moments that better hearing has impacted my life. One moment that stands out in my mind is being able to hear my daughter babble. Sometimes, it's the little things in life that matter the most."

Fulfilling Career

"As an audiologist, I have had the opportunity to help out those who share in my experience with hearing loss," said Marc. "I use my hearing aids constantly throughout my work day. My job requires that I be able to communicate daily with my colleagues and research subjects. It is difficult to imagine me being able to complete my work without my hearing aids."

Why Marc is a HearStrong Champion

Because of his long-standing advocacy of hearing healthcare and his ability to help others along their journey to better hearing, Marc is a HearStrong Champion. "I would love to be able to contribute to reducing the stigma of hearing aids," said Marc. "In the end, you have to make (the) choice to help yourself. But, you don't have to do it alone. Your friends, family and Audiologist will all be supportive of your choice to hear better."


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