Champion - John Hayes

Focused • Passionate

Nominated by: Tammy Wood, BC-HIS, of EarQ in Syracuse, NY

Discovering Hearing Loss

John and his family first noticed his hearing loss when he was 33. "It may be a side effect of childhood cancer, as I had a brain tumor in 1972 at age 10 and had chemotherapy or radiation treatments," said John. He opted to not wear hearing devices until an incident in 2005.

"I woke up one morning and both ears were plugged," said John. He was advised to get hearing devices and, "this time, I listened."

Hearing Better at Work

Since receiving his hearing devices, John is better able to perform at work.

"I am now capable of doing my job better, as I am able to hear my coworkers rather than just guess what they are saying," said John. The improvement is most greatly noticed in meetings. "In larger groups or halls (with my hearing devices), I just turn up the volume within my devices. Now that I can hear better, I listen better."

Reconnecting to Beloved Activities

Thanks to his improved hearing, John was able to rediscover his life-long passions and experience them in new ways.

"I attend Catholic Church weekly and (by) having (my) hearing devices, I (can) listen to the services more intently. I (have) also (coached) high school boys basketball at my alma mater for 28 years," said John. "With the hearing devices, I am able to better hear my players, the referees and the parents/fans. This improves my enjoyment of the game and practice situations."

Why John is a HearStrong Champion

Because of his willingness to encourage others with hearing loss to take control of their hearing health, John is a HearStrong Champion. "I'd like to help make a difference," said John. "Eyeglasses are acceptable, so are hearing aids."


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