Champion - D.J. Demers

Comedian • Advocate

Nominated by: The HearStrong Foundation

From: Toronto, Ontario

Childhood Hearing Loss

A native of Toronto, D.J. was born with hearing loss.

"Before I got hearing aids (at age four), I had tympanostomy tubes put in my ears nine or ten times," said D.J. "They proved to be ineffectual, so they (doctors) finally determined hearing aids were necessary. I don't remember life before hearing aids."

Early Acceptance

Because he began wearing his hearing devices so young, D.J. quickly accepted his lifestyle and learned to value what his devices bring to his life.

"I'm very appreciative that my parents noticed the signs (of hearing loss) early and took me to a professional, setting me up for a successful life with hearing aids," said D.J. "Any issues of embarrassment or wounded pride go out the window when you're able to hear all the wonderful sounds this world has to offer."

Awareness through Laughter

As a stand-up comedian and television personality, D.J. has the unique opportunity to show audiences around the world that hearing loss doesn't have to keep anyone from their dreams.

"I love talking about my hearing (loss) in my stand-up comedy," said D.J. "I get to make fun of myself, and it makes audiences feel comfortable addressing the topic of hearing (loss) in a light-hearted fashion." In 2011, D.J. was featured in NBC's Stand-Up for Diversity and was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award.

"My hearing (loss) helped me land a job with Accessible Media (a national television broadcaster in Canada), which has the mandate of making media accessible for all members of society, including people with all sorts of disabilities. I am very grateful for my hearing aids, as they've opened up many doors in my personal and professional life."

Why D.J. is a HearStrong Champion

Because of his willingness to educate others about hearing loss and follow his passions, D.J. is a HearStrong Champion.

"I am very proud of my hearing (loss) and would relish the idea of helping others come to terms with their own hearing impairment. (I love) every time an audience member approaches me after a stand-up performance and tells me that they have a hearing impairment and they really enjoyed how I turned my impairment into humor."


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