Champion - Paul Szemborski Jr.

Athlete • Student

Nominated by: Susan Bolgiano of Clear Choice Hearing Solutions

About Paul

Paul and his family first discovered his hearing loss when he was five years old. Like most families, the Szemborski's looked to help Paul in any way they could. But the hearing loss was having a clear effects on Paul's academic abilities and even his athletic ones. At the urging of his mother, Janna, and his football coaches, Paul decided to address his hearing loss and learn about his hearing device options.

Success in the Classroom

Since Paul has been wearing his hearing devices, Paul is more confident in school. "I have a better understanding of things," said Paul. "I understand my friends, parents, teachers…it's a lot easier."

Success on the Field

From a young age, football has been Paul's passion. But before addressing his hearing loss, he often times found himself struggling to keep up with his teammates. But that all changed after receiving his devices. "My first football practice with (my) hearing aids was a like a dream come true," said Paul. "I almost cried just because I was able to really communicate and interact with my teammates."

Why Paul is a HearStrong Champion

Paul is a wonderful example of overcoming any obstacle to accomplish a goal. Through his passion for life and positive attitude, Paul inspires others in his community every day to take control of their health. "I'm very grateful to have been helped and I would love to help others like me," said Paul.

Paul receives his HearStrong Champion award from Ed Keller (president of EarQ and founder of HearStrong) and Andrew Hebert (vice president of EarQ)

The Latest with Paul

Paul recently started his career at the historic Moran Towing, a leading provider of marine towing and transportation services. "My official occupation is deckhand," said Paul. "My boat’s name is the Catherine C. Moran. In about five years, I’ll be a captain."

The Moran tug fleet serves more ports than any other operator in the eastern U.S. and currently services the east and Gulf coasts as well as the west coast of Mexico.

Congratulations, Paul!

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