Champion - Matt Adams

Honor Student • Athlete

Nominated by: Lisa Adams

From: Lafitte, LA

Learning about Hearing Loss

"I don't remember life before my hearing loss," said Matthew. "When I was born, my pediatrician told my mother that I had…a mild hearing loss. (It) progressively got worse until I was four years old. Since then, I have had a moderately severe hearing loss in both ears. My mom took the initiative to have me tested and fitted for device(s) because she wanted me to have the opportunity that every other child has."

Living with Hearing Loss

"My hearing aids changed my life. Hearing (better) has also given me the opportunity to make friends, to learn, and to not fully rely on others. I have normal relationships just like any other person because of my hearing aids. I go to social events and participate in sports, as well as take my girlfriend out on dates."

Chasing Dreams

"With school and sports in mind, my hearing aids have allowed me to excel in areas that I would not be able to without hearing (well)."

Matthew is a successful student athlete, competing in wrestling and football. A member of the National Honor Society, Matt earned second place in the 2013 Louisiana state wrestling championship.

"I've been able to participate in volunteer work at a gym and, when wrestling ends, I plan to apply for a job in between football."

Why Matthew is a HearStrong Champion

"Although new hearing aids take (some time) to get used to, you will find you don't even remember you have them in. Don't let the opportunity to get hearing aids pass you up! Many hearing aids can be fitted to be almost invisible to others, so just try them out... you will be surprised how much hearing aids will change your life."

On February 22, 2014 Matt became the Division 3 Louisiana State wrestling champion.

Matt is honored as a HearStrong Champion during the 2014 NBA All-Star Game Weekend events in New Orleans.

The Latest with Matt

HearStrong Champion Matt Adams recently won his second LHSAA D3 195 Wrestling Championship! Matt placed 1st place in his division and weight class! In other exciting news, Matt will be attending Louisiana State University this fall!

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