Champion - Maclain Drake

Activist • DJ

From: Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Changing the Perception of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss has been a part of Maclain's life since he can remember, as his mother and older brother both have hearing loss.

"My family did a good job at making hearing loss be a normal part of our lives as I was growing up," says Maclain. "They never told me I couldn't do anything… The ones who made it apparent that I was different were the people I came to meet day-to-day growing up."

Maclain knows that hearing loss and hearing aids are nothing to be ashamed of. He has been wearing hearing aids since the age of two, and he says they have tremendously impacted his professional life, communication, and relationships.

"The best thing that people have said to me is that I'm a good listener, which is ironic," he shares. "But I have this technology that allows me to be more connected with those I love and care for, and I want to use it to its fullest potential… Relationships are something I value every day."

Giving Back

Maclain is a big advocate for inclusivity. He helps others with hearing loss feel empowered to have their voices be heard and get the assistance they need. He is involved with Loop Utah, an organization dedicated to bringing more induction loops to places in Utah. He also works with the Sanderson Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

"I DJ shows from time to time. I throw live shows that are multi-sensory shows, so it incorporates visuals, smells, taste, and feeling through a live show," shares Maclain. "I started Vibe Hearing Events a year ago to bring cultures together and make everyone realize how normal everything is, and not to be afraid of something that is so common and can happen to anyone."

Maclain is a part of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), otherwise known as the Nation's voice for people with hearing loss. It is HLAA's mission to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support and advocacy. This is a mission that Maclain stands behind, as communication is very important to him.

Why Maclain is a HearStrong Champion

Maclain has taken the support and encouragement his family gave him and passed it on to others. Supporting and advocating for others with hearing loss is an important part of his life, and he chooses to make it a top priority each day.

"Seeking treatment for hearing loss can change your life. People think only old people need hearing aids or you are too cool for them, or whatever the case may be," says Maclain. "I get it. I like to be a part of what trendy is. But you have no idea the lives you will impact aside from yours that you could change by getting your hearing loss treated."

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