Champion - Latisha Porter-Vaughn

Law School Faculty Support Specialist • Leader

From: Newark, NJ

Experiencing Hearing Loss

Latisha was born with progressive hearing loss, but she didn't become aware of it until she was 19 when she moved to live with her older sister.

"After living with her for a few weeks, she noticed I didn't respond as I should have," says Latisha. "She had me tested and the specialist told me I had hearing loss within one visit."

Latisha was then fit with hearing aids and has embraced her hearing loss. Since being diagnosed she has been determined to live her life and achieve her goals. She always works to better understand her hearing loss and help others understand it as well.

Her Role Model

Latisha's grandmother had hearing loss, and it greatly shaped the way she viewed her own condition.

"She worked, proudly wore her hearing aids, and spoke up and would tell you if she couldn't hear well," Latisha says of her grandmother. "She would tell you to repeat yourself until she understood you. She lived well with hearing aids."

Latisha follows her grandmother's example by being actively involved in her community and never letting her hearing loss prevent her from pursuing her personal and professional goals.

"I'm not ashamed of my hearing loss," she says.

Great Accomplishments

Always an outgoing and social person, Latisha is involved in many activities. In addition to her job as a faculty support specialist for Seton Hall Law School, she is a deacon of her church and loves to travel.

"I am the founder and president of the of the Hearing Loss Association of Essex city, the co-chair of the Hearing Loss Association of New Jersey State scholarship committee, and a board member of the Hearing Loss Association of New Jersey State chapter," she says. "Growing up, I participated in every community program, school events, talent shows, beauty pageants, and female enrichment programs. I was looked at as a leader."

She also has her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business, a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication, and holds a paralegal certificate for Boston. She is currently enrolled in a PhD. Program for Organizational Development and Leadership.

Why Latisha is a HearStrong Champion

Latisha is a HearStrong Champion because she has always works hard and sets an example for others. Her hearing loss pushes her to aim higher and she is an inspiration to all.

"I am so proud and motivated to be a HearStrong Champion," she says. "My life has had so many challenges—growing up without a mom, yet with a dad and a grandmother who also couldn't hear well. They inspired me to reach high. Being a HearStrong Champion will add more to my dreams and evidence that I can inspire others with hearing loss, especially African Americans."

See What Makes Latisha a HearStrong Champion

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