Champion - Krista Kachnik

Student Athlete • Leader

From: Lone Star, Texas

The Impact of Hearing Aids

Krista’s family discovered that she had hearing loss when she was five years old after she failed a kindergarten hearing test. At first, Krista was resistant to the idea of hearing aids. "After years of struggling with the idea that I was different than my peers, I decided the only way to go about my individuality was to embrace it," she says. "The journey to getting hearing aids was long and even included me trying to fake a hearing test to avoid getting hearing aids.

Eventually I decided to be unapologetic and proud to be hard of hearing."

Now Krista loves her hearing aids and claims that they help her form better relationships and interact with her peers. She shares one moment that truly shows the impact hearing aids have made in her life.

"When I walked out of the doctor’s office with my new aid in my ear, I heard a loud thunderous sound and I asked my dad what it was. He told me it was an airplane. That was a sound I had never heard before until that moment. It still shocks me just how much I would have missed out on if I didn’t have hearing aids."

Becoming a Leader

Today, Krista is a student and an athlete. She participates in soccer, basketball, track, and crossfit competitions. She also enjoys drawing, reading, and writing. Although she has faced challenges in her life, she has never quit.

"I don’t give up. I have been kicked to the ground more times than I can count, yet every single time I rise up stronger. Countless times my hearing has tried to get in the way between me and success, but I have never let it. My hearing has given me a new perspective on the world and has helped me see what is important. And that is hard work. In my last year of high school I was rewarded the distinguished athlete award for my school. I didn’t win this award because I was deaf. I won it because I never stopped trying to better myself and others around me. I am a leader who helps others when they are down and encourages them when they are up."

Why Krista is a HearStrong Champion

Krista is a HearStrong Champion due to her determination and will to help others. She hopes that in her role, she can inspire others with hearing loss to seek the help they need. "I think that everyone should have the chance to change their life, she says. "If hearing better helps improve someone’s life, then it is important for individuals to take the steps needed and seek treatment."

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