Champion - Kaylee Carr

Student & Basketball Player

From: Sarasota, Florida

Hearing Aids in the Classroom

Kaylee’s family was surprised when they found out she had hearing loss in first grade. Her parents explored many different options for her before they settled on hearing aids, something Kaylee is grateful for. As she got older, Kaylee’s hearing slowly declined and her hearing aids became very important to her experience in the classroom.

"My hearing aids have helped me hear my classmates and teachers more clearly," she says. "In high school classrooms, it can be extremely difficult to focus and hear with so many people moving and talking, so hearing better has helped me to not miss out on important information. Hearing better in school has been the best improvement for my life."

Never Giving Up

Kaylee is an athlete who played basketball throughout high school. However, she almost ended her career early in her freshman year when she was told that playing basketball with her hearing loss was too risky.

"After I quit, I returned a few days later and finished out the rest of my high school basketball career because it was too important to me to give up," she said.

Kaylee never gives up and always strives to be herself. This is something that has always been important to her.

"My role model is Ellen DeGeneres because she strives to help others and inspire people. She preaches to be kind to one another and pushes for the acceptance and equality of all people. Her good deeds and positivity encourage others to be themselves. She has helped me be confident in who I am and has shown me that you should never be afraid to do what you love and be who you are."

Why Kaylee is a HearStrong Champion

Kaylee is a HearStrong Champion because better hearing has made a positive difference in her life, and now she wants to share that with others.

"I can say from experience that a painless hearing test can make life so much easier," she says. "You may not be aware, but unaddressed hearing loss could be causing you to miss out on many conversations, put strains on your relationships, and more."

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