Champion - Jon Seyster

Actor • Inspirational Speaker

From: Simi Valley, California

Life for Jon

Born three months early, complications left Jon with hearing loss and cerebral palsy. At the age of two, he was fit with his first pair of hearing aids after his parents noticed that he could not even hear fire trucks as they sounded their horns in front of him. Since then, Jon has proven time and time again that nothing can slow him down.

An actor, graphic designer, inspirational speaker, and more, Jon has a lot that keeps him busy! For the past seven years, he has been involved in Project Hero, a non-profit that helps veterans and first responders who have experienced PTSD. Through the Ride 2 Recovery Program, he cycles all over the country with injured veterans. He is also studying Japanese Combat Jujitsu and enjoys taking photographs.

The Importance of Hearing Better

Jon is grateful that he had his hearing aids to help him navigate kindergarten through 12th grade and then eight years of college.

"They have been a blessing," he says. "I am able to function in the entertainment community, particularly having the ability to hear and respond to set direction without being disruptive. They have also improved my relationships in a wonderful way."

Jon realized how life-changing the latest hearing technology could be when he wore a new pair of aids during a cycling challenge.

"We would cycle 35-85 miles a day and we would sweat like crazy," he recalls. "The hearing aids I was provided would continue to function and not cut-out due to moisture. Hearing the safety instructions and traffic noise has become life-saving."

Why Jon is a HearStrong Champion

Jon is a HearStrong Champion due to his willpower and ability to overcome any obstacle that comes his way. He also uses his experience to help others with their goals and life struggles. Jon often speaks in front of groups and organizations to share his message, and feels it's important to use humor along the way.

"I am confident in who I am and have accepted that I am deaf, have physical challenges, and I am normal for me," he says. "I can do all things to serve God and help others right from my chair."

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