Champion - Jaxson Heise

Boy Scout • Student

From: Texarkana, TX

Discovering His Hearing Loss

Jaxson's parents and day care provider noticed he wasn't responding to his name or other sounds when he was around a year old. After two misdiagnoses, he was fit with hearing aids a week before his second birthday. His parents said that before his hearing loss was diagnosed, it was difficult to figure out what was wrong with him.

"I was just a baby so I didn't know I couldn't hear," says Jaxson. "I guess it made me mad that I couldn't tell my mom or dad what I wanted."

Hearing his parents' voices for the first time was a big moment for him, and with the help of his hearing aids, he learned how to talk!

Life with Hearing Loss

Jaxson is a Boy Scout, plays basketball, football, and is a member of the First Baptist Church of Texarkana. He has been in a mainstream school since kindergarten and is now excelling in his second grade class.

"I feel like I am just like everyone else and can do everything my friends do," says Jackson. "I am doing good in school and make good grades."

Jaxson says he is very thankful for his parents and his doctors who do everything they can to make sure he is hearing at his very best. Being able to talk to his parents and his friends is very important to him.

During Super Bowl 51 weekend, Jaxson was honored as a HearStrong Champion at the NFLPA PAF's Smocks and Jocks event.

Why Jaxson is a HearStrong Champion

Jaxson is a HearStrong Champion due to his positive attitude and willingness to help others. When asked what he would tell someone with hearing loss who was unsure about seeking assistance he said, "I would tell them that being able to hear is so awesome! I get to hear my mom and dad talk and if I couldn't, then I would be sad. I would be so proud to show other people that having hearing loss is not as bad as it seems!"

Watch Jaxson's Ceremony

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