Champion - Jack McConnell

Founder of 20/20 Hearing • Student

From: Atlanta, GA

Early Solutions

"I was born with (hearing loss) and have had hearing aids since I was six weeks old," said Jack. "I have never known what it was like not to have hearing loss. I am always thankful when I have to go to the audiologist for regular check-ups, knowing that kids around the world are growing up with minimal or no audiology care. Hearing aids help me to achieve everything and more than my hearing friends do!"

Experiencing Life

"I have a normal life, just like any other teenager. I play sports, am active in my church, am able to get a great education, and have maintained straight A’s in all of middle school. I am able to help others by emailing with kids that have hearing loss and encourage them to wear their hearing aids. Wearing my hearing aids help me appreciate every sound around me. They help me to help others with hearing loss. I have been on five hearing missions (with the Starkey Hearing Foundation) and am able to help fund many kids in the United States to buy hearing aids."

Helping Others

After completing a mission trip to Ghana with the Starkey Hearing Foundation when he was in the 5th grade, Jack was inspired to start his own organization.

"I started a foundation to help other kids with hearing loss like me. I help run 20/20 Hearing and am blessed to be able to go to schools for the hearing impaired and speak to parents and teachers. Raising awareness is also one of my big goals and I get to speak at churches and other organizations about the effects of hearing loss, the importance of good audiology care and, most importantly, how we need to view our hearing loss as a gift and use it to help others (who are) less fortunate."

Why Jack is a HearStrong Champion

With his passion for helping others, especially children, understand that hearing loss doesn’t need to hold them back or make them feel different, Jack is helping to cause real change in his community and around the world.
Some of Jack’s accomplishments include:

  • Founder of 20/20 Hearing
  • Participant in five Starkey Hearing Foundation mission trips to underdeveloped nations to provide hearing aids to those in need
  • Straight-A student

Jack's advocacy work has taken him all over the globe and has been recognized by his local Congressman, Brad Raffensberger, with a House Resolution recognizing 20/20 Hearing to help children in Georgia and around the world.

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