Champion - Ingrid Vanderveldt

Media Personality • Founder & Chairman of Empowering A Billion Women by 2020

From: Austin, TX

Nominated by: Dr. Natalie Phillips, Au.D. of Advanced Otolaryngology & Audiology

Great Accomplishments

Ingrid is an entrepreneur, media personality, and founder and chairman of Empowering a Billion Women by 2020. She recently became a part of Supersoul 100, a group of 100 influential people who use their platforms, talent, and strong voices to make the world a better place. She places a lot of importance on giving back, and helping those in need find success and use their own voices to inspire change.

“I have been a member of The United Nations Foundation Global Entrepreneurs Council and am now an active emeritus. Together, we work on global issues that affect our economies, societies, and the world. My personal focus is on women and girls. We have continued that relationship by creating, IV BLU, with our IV Club where our legacy project is the UN Foundation.

In addition, I sit on the UN Annual Gala focused on bringing new women into the UN global family, as well as the UN Foundation Girl Up campaign, which is focused on how to inspire, empower, and enable girls to live their fullest potential worldwide. I sit on several advising boards, dedicating a majority of my time supporting women and girls. An example of this is Survive2Thrive, which helps women overcome domestic abuse.”

Ingrid, along with other influential leaders named as Oprah’s Supersoul 100.

Experiencing Hearing Loss

Ingrid recalls her school years when she was failing out, and teachers thought that she wouldn’t make much of herself. In the eyes of her school, she was considered a “throw away.”

“I didn’t know I had hearing loss at the time, but my principal told me I could no longer go to public school when I was in fourth grade. After years of testing, they discovered that I was experiencing hearing loss. Once it was fixed, I was finally able to excel.”

It wasn’t until over a year ago when Dr. Natalie Phillips, who is also a Global Ambassador of Empowering A Billion Women by 2020, connected with Ingrid and helped her with her hearing loss.

“She heard my story, and knew that I never went to get hearing aids. It was her encouragement that led me to get tested and fit for hearing aids. I will never forget that moment and her generosity. Being fitted for hearing aids was like getting a pair of glasses and seeing for the first time. All of a sudden the world became clear.”

Experiencing Better Hearing

Using hearing aids has certainly made a positive impact on Ingrid’s career. She finds she is not as tired as she used to be, and it is a freeing to know that she is not missing any important sounds.

“I am an active public speaker and speak in front of large audiences frequently. Often, there will be a crowd of people around me and I used to find it difficult to hear what they were trying to say to me. I used to “cup” my ears with my hands to hear better. This didn’t look professional, however it was the only way I could hear effectively at the time. With my hearing aids, everything is crystal clear and I feel like I got my life back.”

Ingrid says that she no longer has excuses when it comes to hearing. “I don’t have to work as hard to hear and that is a joy. I am so grateful that I am not missing what is being said to me. This helps me in both executive meetings and when I’m in public.”

Why Ingrid Is a HearStrong Champion

“I would love to share my own story and the difference being able to hear clearly has made. I want to discuss how many device and payment options are available.”

Ingrid dedicates herself to helping others on a daily basis, and hopes to inspire others suffering from hearing loss.

“I love to share the story about my experience in 4th grade when I was told I would amount to nothing, to now when I oversee a global initiative like Empowering a Billion Women by 2020. All of this was made possible simply because I had incredible people around me at a young age who pushed me until I learned. Imagine the difference we can make together! I want to have people running to get hearing tests like no other!”  

Watch As We Name Ingrid Our 100th HearStrong Champion

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